Hi. In this brave new year I am emerging once again into the bright light of musical performance! After a few years admittedly of relative quiet, I think it is time once again to hit the motorways of Britain and Europe and bring the Jon Lloyd sound to more people. God help you all.

I would like to get my duo recording with Stan Adler heard, and will spread it around a lot more. The title "Brittle they snap, bird gone" is meant to refer to the casual way in which we pass on. It hurts those left for sure. I'm not sure what I can do with this recording though as Stan is no longer here, but I'm proud of this music and that's really all there is to it...  RIP Stan. You were a beautiful person, a one off.

John Law and I are getting very into the Renaissance project. I think it  is going to work very well and we both remain fired up by it. The visuals by Patrick Dunne are sensational... an update on Renaissance next.


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