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The Jon Lloyd Group is a flexible ensemble of musicians playing Jon's compositions in a quartet or quintet format.

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Vanishing Points

Jon Lloyd Group

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Jon Lloyd - Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet | John Law - Piano, Fender Rhodes | Rob Palmer - Electric Guitar | Tom Farmer - Double Bass | Asaf Sirkis - Drums

Mary James, Only Jazz: "All nine compositions are gems. The exquisite X and Y opens the album with buoyant bubbling soprano sax. Even at its most penetrating, it has a warm, serene, caramel sound. The melody is pastoral, gentle, songlike. The lyricism of John Law is always heart stopping, such delicate shading, especially in Yaga where the piano could be a sitar. In 5678 I felt we were in square dance territory, where quick footwork was needed as the time signatures crossed, got jumbled and tripped each other up. It was fun! I thought ‘This isn’t free jazz, I can hum this (phew!)’ and I relaxed, and so became more receptive to the delicacies on offer: the symphonic, almost-classical opening to V Points where the piano solo, with gentle snowflake motif (a signature John Law effect), creates a mood of uneasiness echoed by the slowly burning guitar, the wary walk of the sax towards a guitar that howls, a sense of chaos and pain which gently fades. The thrum of fingers on piano wires. There are many strands in this music, you uncover them with repeated listening. It is harmonious and democratic, there is no need for extended solos, yet take any instrument away and you would miss it."

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    5678 4:55
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    Yaga 10:12
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