My name is Jon Lloyd. I'm a jazz saxophonist and clarinetist and this is my new website. It tells you something about me, showcases my music, lets you know when and where I'm playing next, and talks about my work and other things that interest me. If you'd like to stay informed, sign up to receive email about upcoming events and new blog posts. And feel free to give me feedback whenever you like.

Take a minute to read some things people have said about my work:

Lloyd/Adler DUO

A saxophone delivery as persuasive as a speaking voice. Lloyd should be seen and heard more often”

— Brian Moreton, Penguin Guide to Jazz

Powerful and magical music”

— Downbeat, USA

Ambitious and virtuosic... Jon Lloyd is one of the most striking writers at the sharp end of British jazz and improvisation”

— John Fordham, The Guardian, UK

Thoughts For Nought

In with the new 

Ray Kurzweil and others tell us we're approaching the singularity, that moment in the not-too-distant future when machines become as intelligent as humans. Moments later they're smarter than us, and in weeks or months they've developed their own secret language, unparsable to humans, and we have the intelligence of root tubers compared to them. Then what happens?

I don't know the answer to that question – no-one does – but as a musician I'm curious to understand if machines are capable of developing…

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