Album out now!

Available as 33JAZZ304


John Law and I have formed “Naissance”, a piano and saxophone duo in which we have wide-ranging musical conversations within the arena of European contemporary music; referring to world music and classical minimalism as much as to jazz.

The duo has come about following the success of Renaissance (see below). Both John and I write pieces for this duo, and the improvisations on each other's compositions are very open, fresh and hugely interactive. We both feel that this music is ground-breaking and very special for us.

We recorded a suite of tunes at Crescent Studios in April 2023, and the results were marvellous. We are very excited about this new music, and it is now released on 33JAZZ304.

Please contact me for a copy of the CD…

John Law


Renaissance is the duo of John Law on keyboards and Jon Lloyd on soprano and tenor saxophone, coupled with the electronic input of Jasper Law and the gorgeous visual projections of Patrick Dunn.

We play John Law's compositions, put together from 16th and 17th century vocal music from the golden age of European Renaissance polyphony. Playing improvisations over electronic backing tracks, we create minimalist, ambient textures which are ethereal and spiritual.

In 2022 we completed an Arts Council supported tour in the UK, playing at significant venues such as Malmesbury Abbey, Durham Cathedral, Truro Cathedral, Beverley Minster and the Frome Festival. The tour was a complete success, showcasing John's compositions, his and my improvisations and the superb visual projections of Patrick Dunn. A further key element to the impact of the music were the magnificent ambient backing tracks created by Jasper Law.

The album, recorded live at Malmesbury Abbey in January 2022 and released on 33Records, is available from John Law's website or from 33Records.