I am a UK based saxophonist and composer. I have two main projects right now…

JON LLOYD QUARTET is my touring group in 2024/ 2025.

 "His tunes are steeped in the ECM aesthetic, and he and long-time collaborator John Law on piano make it sound like the only music you ever want to hear."

Jon Turney, London Jazz News, 2023

This quartet plays European contemporary jazz. My compositions are interpreted beautifully by pianist John Law, bassist Nick Pini and drummer Alex Goodyear. I play tenor and soprano saxophone.

Our album "Earth Songs" is now available on the fabulous UK jazz label Ubuntu and we are busy planning concert opportunities throughout the UK and Europe…

Click this link to find “Earth Songs” on all major streaming platforms…



NAISSANCE is my duo with John Law; playing beautiful, sensitive and quite ambient pieces written by each of us. Our album is released on 33JAZZ304. We are touring in 2025.


Several “Earth Songs” reviews are already in!

Offtopic Magazine, Italy:


London Jazz News write:


Jazzwise have reviewed Earth Songs in the March 2024 issue:

March 1st. Cedars Hall, Wells. (l - r)  John Law, Jon Lloyd, Nick Pini, Alex Goodyear.

“The interplay between the quartet members is magical, instinctive… creating music of often startling beauty.”

                                                        Peter Vacher, “Earth Songs” album review, Jazzwise magazine, March 2024


A saxophone delivery as persuasive as a speaking voice. Lloyd should be seen and heard more often”

— Brian Morton, Penguin Guide to Jazz

Powerful and magical music”

— Downbeat, USA

Effortless music-making... simply magical”

— Presto music, 2024

Thoughts For Nought

Earth Songs streaming... 

Recent figures from Ubuntu Music have surprised me! Tracks from Earth Songs have been receiving around 100,000 streams a month since its release, and is coming up to the 500,000 mark soon! I am in awe of this figure and also exceptionally grateful that our music is this popular. Making a recording of music is an intimate and naked (yet vital) experiment which can easily go wrong. On this occasion I think it went right! 

Just want to give public gratitude to John Law, Nick Pini and Alex Goodyear for their…

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