Earth Songs to be released in February 2024

The new release by the Jon Lloyd Quartet will be called “Earth Songs”. The label is under wraps for now, but release will be in February 2024.

We are very excited about this. The music represents my compositions beautifully, and the interpretation by the guys in the band perfectly develops my material in an absolutely natural “live” way. The recording contains no overdubs or curious arrangements and this is basically how we sound in a concert!

Watch out for the release and forthcoming concerts.

In other news, John Law and I are currently working on finding a suitable label on which to release our duo work. This sensitive, beautifully introspective music is neither jazz nor classical, but borrows from both those genres and from wider world musics. Its hard to classify, which is why we have to be careful how it is released. But - it is mighty fine music and it WILL get out there!

Jon, Sunday September 17th.

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